Why DJ Town Escrow?

Providing safe internet transactions for both seller and buyer

Any purchase that depends on "good faith," like those on the Internet has a certain degree of distrust. That's why we act as an intermediary to alleviate these concerns by securing payment for your online purchase until the Buyer either accepts the merchandise or returns it to the Seller.

Although the vast majority of people you will deal with at DJ Town are honest hard working professionals, the Internet is full of scam artists who try to take advantage of  buyers by selling items which were never delivered, or buyers using bad checks to make purchases. People like this make it very difficult for honest people to sell their items because you can't necessarily tell the difference between the good and the bad.

Escrow prevents the scam artist from ripping people off  because they do not receive the money until the buyer actually receives the item they purchased.

Buyer protection- Buyer are protected because they send their money to us, an established sound system company that has been in business since 1989. As the owners of DJ Town we have a vested interest in making sure both buyer and seller get what they are entitled to. Without you their would be no DJ Town classifieds!

Seller protection- The seller is guaranteed to receive the money they are entitled to without the worry of bad checks.

Prove you're legit! Because fraud is virtually eliminated with escrow, both buyer and seller can be confident their transaction will go through without any trouble.