Escrow Service

Providing safe internet transactions for both buyer and seller

What is an Escrow service: An escrow service acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller. Our goal is to eliminate internet fraud by collecting and holding the funds  from a classified ad sale  until the buyer receives the items purchased. We also guarantee the seller will be paid after the buyer receives the item purchased..

How it works: After the sale is negotiated, the seller contacts DJ Town using the form below. This will initiate the transaction. At that time we invoice the buyer and have the payment sent to us. Upon confirming the funds, we notify the seller to ship the item using one of our approved shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, Priority Mail) and provide us with the tracking number. The item must be insured for the full sale price. We will inform the buyer that the item has been shipped and pass on the tracking number to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the item, he/she has  24 hours to inspect the item to be sure it matches the description represented by the buyer. If the buyer is satisfied, he will notify us and in turn the seller will will be paid the balance due (less 3.5%). If the buyer does not contact us within the 24 hour inspection period, we will assume they are satisfied and send the payment to the seller.

Returns: If during the 24 hour inspection period the buyer is not satisfied with the item, he/she may choose to return it. If so DJ Town must be notified within the 24 hour period. The buyer will ship the item back to the seller within 72 hours. Shipping method will be the same as above at the buyers expense. Insurance in the amount of the sale price will be purchased by the buyer. The tracking number will be reported to DJ Town the day the item is shipped. We will notify the seller the item has been shipped and provide the tracking number. Once the seller receives the item and notifies DJ Town it has been received, we will return the funds to the buyer (less 3.5% escrow fee). 

It's that simple! No worry of  bounced checks, failure to ship,  or anything else that goes wrong with private online sales. A simple, safe transaction every time.