Terms of Use

Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms

After negotiating the terms of sale, the seller will register the sale with DJ Town Escrow by completing the seller signup form. All information on the signup form is required to start the escrow process. Upon receipt of the form we will invoice the buyer and request payment. If the buyer is to pay shipping charges, that cost will be added to their invoice

Buyer Pays DJ Town Escrow service

Upon receipt of the invoice the buyer has 5 days to send payment to DJ Town Escrow. If payment is not received within 5 days of the sale date provided by the seller, the deal will be void and both parties will be notified by us.

Seller Ships Merchandise

Once payment is received by DJ Town the seller will be notified to ship the item to the seller. 

The only authorized shipping companies are:



USPS Priority Mail

All items must be insured for the sale amount. The person shipping the item is responsible for the cost of the insurance. After shipping the item, the seller will complete the tracking number notification form. All information on the form is required!

Buyer Accepts or rejects the Merchandise

Up receiving the shipment, the buyer has 24 hours to inspect the item and reject it only if the item was falsely represented by the seller. Lost or Damaged items will be covered under the insurance and in  no way will DJ Town be held responsible for such loss or damage. If after 24 hours the buyer does not notify DJ Town of his/her intent to reject or accept  the item,  we will assume the buyer accepts the item and payment will be released to the seller. 

Return policy

Should the seller wish to reject the item, they must fill out a return form within 24 hours of receiving the item. The item will then be shipped back to the seller within 3 days using one of the authorized shipping companies above. Insurance in the amount of the purchase price must be purchased at the time of shipping.  If the buyer rejects the item and is authorized to return it in accordance with this return policy, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and insurance costs associated with the return in addition to the 3.5% escrow fee.

DJ Town Pays the Seller

Upon notification of the buyers intent to keep the item, or after 24 hours of receiving the item; DJ Town will pay the seller the proceeds of the sale less the escrow fee.

Agreement of terms

By using the DJ Town escrow service, you agree to all the terms listed above and will not hold DJ Town liable for damages beyond the cost of the escrow fee itself. DJ Town does not endorse or vouch for the integrity of the buyer or seller and will not be responsible for any fraudulent activity that may occur as a result of any  escrow transaction. Although escrow is an excellent deterrent to internet fraud, we can not fully prevent fraudulent activities we are not aware of, and will not be held responsible for such activities should they occur.