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                      By Owen Nicholson

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To do this, you have to understand how to use a concept and differentiate
yourself from the other DJ's

So I need to ask you this question.

How different are you from any other DJ?

Do you provide services or products that another DJ doesn't? 

Do you provide better quality?

Do you have the cheapest rates?

Do you offer follow upservices?

 Do you offer advice?

Do you offer more solutions?

What do you offer your customer's that is different from your competitors?

This is the million-dollar question you need to be asking yourself.

A lot of dj's don't have any idea how they are different from their
competitors. The answer is usually - "we offer great service and excellent
sound quality' or "we offer the best range of music". This is not being
different from your competitor's as this would be exactly the same answer
they would say.

The problem is you look the same as everyone else.

If you look the same as your competitors, how does your customer know whom
to choose? They just choose whoever don't they?

I will put it simple. Pretend all of your competitors and yourself were in a
room and a customer opens the door and has to choose only one of you. Your
competitors and yourself scream out - "pick me, pick me". The funny thing is
you don't get picked because the customer didn't even see you. You all
"looked" the same.

To overcome this, you need to be unique.  Stand out from the crowd and be
different. Be different means you are going to get noticed. But you have to
go a lot further than that.

You have to develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

A USP is some area of your business that offers a solution to your customer'
s problems. A USP is the reason why a customer does business with you. It
determines whether they choose you or not. Not only that it allows you to
charge above your competitors without losing any customers. This way, you
don't get bogged down in a price war and lose profits.

There are several areas that could be a USP for a business:


At Electric DJ Services, we offer the lowest price. Guaranteed.


At "Dj Sound", we are open longer than any other DJ from 8.00am to 11.00p everyday


When you book us for any children's party, you get a free dance video
thrown in for each child to take home.


At "Big Bens" DJ services, we only use a special sound system that there
is only three other companies are using in the world.
By having any of these areas (you may have a niche one) allows for customer
to choose someone who is providing the benefit and solution that they are

How do you choose an USP?

That comes down to understanding your customers. What are their needs, wants
and desires? What questions do your customers ask themselves before they
buy? For example:

Why should I choose this business?
What are they going to do for me?
What promises will they make for me?
What exceptions will be granted for me?
How much value are they going to add to my life?
What cost is it?
What support systems are in place?
How convenient is it to use this business?
Will I suffer any consequences from going to this business?
How much pleasure will I receive from doing business here?

And so on.

Find out what your customers wants. ASK THEM.

The easiest way to develop your USP is to find out what is your customer's
problems are in dealing with your competitors and solve that problem.

Here's how Jay Abraham describes how to put it into practice.

You know how.

Well, what we do.

You know how you have to wait in a line for over 20mins in banks to be
served. Well, what we do is if anyone has been waiting in line for more than
10mins in our bank, we credit your account $10.

Now your turn. Grab a piece of paper and write a few responses.

You now how...

Well what we do is..

It's that easy. Find a problem that your customer's are experiencing with a
competitor and solve it. You have then developed your USP.

You must therefore investigate what your competitors are doing. For

You must know how they are treating their customers.
What they are offering them?
What their prices are?
What extra benefits do their customers get?
What support and advice do they get?
Where are they letting their customers down?

By knowing these answers is very powerful. It allows you the feedback on how
to develop your business and not fall in the trap that your competitors are
setting for themselves.

You must do the opposite to what they are doing. Offer more solutions than
your competitor is the key. Offer more value. Offer more convenience. Offer
more advice. Offer more.

Now you can understand that when most DJ's say our USP is that we offer
better quality and service, this doesn't stand up because that is what your
competitor is also offering. You must fine a problem in the quality or
service and solve that area.

If you don't do this, you will become a business of "pick me, pick me".

Owen Nicholson has been helping DJ's to increase their gigs and profits. For a free report-"Advertising mistakes that DJ's make', go to

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