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MBT - ME21501 MBT - ME21501

Aim at any floor, wall or ceiling. Creates the tranquil look of shimmering, flowing water. Dichroic wheel constantly changes color. Mesmerizing effect! Includes hanging bracket, cooling fan, and one 24V/250W ELC lamp.

MBT - LZ200 MBT - LZ200

Exciting red laser projects moving images on the wall, floor or ceiling. 16 preset geometric patterns or up to 100 images in manual mode. Use with fog for color laser beam effect. 4.9 mw red laser. 3 modes of operation: auto speed, music and manual. Includes UL Listed AC adapter, hanging bracket, on/off switch.

MBT - ST7500 MBT - ST7500

This powerful 750 watt strobe is perfect for stage, discos, bands, plays, etc! Features variable flash speed control and hanging bracket. Input and output for linking.

Chauvet - CH260 Chauvet - CH260

The Mini-Sphere fills the room with 62 multi-colored beams while rotating 360 degrees on its base. The rotating beams have an adjustable speed control.

Chauvet - CH219 Chauvet - CH219

Beat-activated with dual-function projection and gobo wheels that rotate by sound activation or continuously. Combined dichroic colors/gobo wheel features 18 gobos plus open mode and 27 colors plus white.

Chauvet - CH210 Chauvet - CH210

1200W of multicolored light, four independent heads, each with eight lenses, work together to create wild sound-activated chase patterns controlled by a sixteen-pattern program.

Chauvet - CH302 Chauvet - CH302

Two spheres project 124 rotating beams of light as each sphere rotates 360 degrees. At the same time both spheres also rotate around the axis of the base for tons of light-show action.

Chauvet - CH204 Chauvet - CH204

The Octopus is a compact mobile DJ version of the popular Double Derby night-club lighting effect. 16 lenses project 32 multi-colored beams that criss-cross to the music.

Chauvet - LGG3050 Chauvet - LGG3050

Features a 4.9mW green laser, eight laser launching ports, and built-in sound-activated programs. Effect scans through laser ports. Dual mounting brackets.

MBT - PF41 MBT - PF41

Like 4 Par Cans in a single unit! Adds versatility to any application. This compact unit can actually replace 4 par cans! 4 25W amps produce brilliant red, yellow, blue, and green. 4 power cords allow it to plug into any 4 channel dimmer pack or chaser. Includes cooling fan, hanging bracket, and 4 250W lamps.


Par Can, Listed with Hanging bracket, power cord, and screw base socket. Uses standard floor lamps (75W or 150W). Polished Chrome.


Stage Light - Fixed type aluminum fixture, complete with power cord and grounded plug, ceramic socket, mesh, filter frame and 4-color gel pack. 3 fixed and 1 spring loaded gel frame support. Color: Black

Chauvet - CHPAR38PACK Chauvet - CHPAR38PACK

Incredible par can package which includes 4 Par38 par cans, a linkable controller, a footswitch, 4 bulbs, 1 package of gels, and more!

Chauvet - CH5002 Chauvet - CH5002

5 Popular Effects To Add Excitement To Your Show. Package includes one each of the following effects: Octopus, Tunnel Star, Mini Line Dancer, Mini-Sphere, Mini Flash Strobe.

American DJ - NITRO American DJ - NITRO

A sound-activated DMX-compatible moonflower, the Nitro features gobo patterns that not only rotate, they actually pulsate and vibrate, triggering off a chain reaction of special-effects lighting excitement.


A dynamic effect, the Aggressor is extremely bright and ideal for a large venue. It features 2 x 300W lamps that rotate to the music via the internal mic creating 40 sound activated moving beams of multi-color light.

American DJ - 4PLAY American DJ - 4PLAY

4-Play high tech lighting effect that uses motorized dichoric-colored mirriors to create four colored funnel effects that dance independently to sound.


Includes the Vertigo, the Laser Widow, and the S-81 Strobe Light for a package that will light up any party. The Vertigo gives you thirty beams of multicolor light that rotate and crisscross to the beat of the music. The S-81 strobe is extremely compact but powerful for its size. It has a variable-speed knob to adjust strobe flash rate. Package includes a 39-minute American DJ Lighting Video.

American DJ - MARVEL American DJ - MARVEL

An intelligent, DMX-compatible effect, the Marvel is a color/gobo projector with a specially-designed concave mirror that shoots out images over a wide area. Five smaller mirrors are attached to the revolutionary-shaped concave unit, producing five gobos that "fan out" in a row for maximum coverage of the club floor.

American DJ - LTS1 American DJ - LTS1

Black high-quality aluminum tripod with one T-bar and two side bars. Eight hanging point bolts. Extends to twelve feet tall. Collapses for easy transport. Ideal for mobile DJs and bands.


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